President Trump Restricts "All Travel" From Europe to U.S. Starting Friday

March 12, 2020

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President Donald Trump announced restrictions on passenger travel from 26 European nations to the U.S. over the coronavirus Wednesday night, the AP reports. Trump said all flights from Europe to the U.S. will be suspended for thirty days starting at 11:59 p.m. ET on Friday. The President also said the restrictions would not apply to the U.K., and there would be exemptions for “Americans who have undergone appropriate screenings," and that it would not apply to cargo. Homeland Security officials later had to clarify Trump's statements, saying the restrictions would only apply to foreign nationals who have been in the “Schengen Area” two weeks before their flight. That area includes Italy, Germany, Greece, Austria, Belgium and other countries. They also said the restrictions don’t apply to legal permanent residents, immediate family of U.S. citizens or others “identified in the proclamation.” The rare address from Trump was an abrupt shift, after he has repeatedly sought to downplay the impact the virus will have on the U.S. Even as he gave his speech, the NBA suspended its season and actors Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson said they'd tested positive for COVID-19.