Pot Smokers Discover Caged Tiger in Vacant House

February 12, 2019

On Monday, a pair of people entered an abandoned house in Houston, Texas, to smoke marijuana. But before they could light up, they discovered a caged tiger in the abode. KHOU-TV reports that the stoners called 311, which sent the police to the property to tranquilize and trap the big cat--which animal-welfare workers and cops nicknamed Tyson, after Mike Tyson's pet tiger in The Hangover. The situation is plenty funny, but it could have turned deadly, as police said Tyson was housed "in a rinky-dink cage secured with a nylon strap and screwdriver that could bust open." Investigators are now searching for whoever left Tyson in the vacant home, as that person could be subjected to a hefty fine. And there's been word on what happened to Tyson's temporary housemates, although it's a safe bet they'll confine their pot-smoking adventures to their own living rooms from now on.