Picky Teen Went Blind After Eating Only Pringles, White Bread & Fries

September 4, 2019

SherSor iStock / Getty Images Plus


Scientists from the University of Bristol say a British teen, who subsisted only on Pringles potato chips, white bread and French fries eventually went blind from complications associated with malnutrition. CNN reports that researchers published the case study of the picky eater in the Annals of Internal Medicine on Monday, calling it a warning on the dangers of a poor diet. The unnamed teen claimed he ate only those items with the occasional slice of processed ham from elementary school until he was 14, when he first went to the doctor complaining that he felt tired. The boy was of normal weight and height and showed no signs of malnutrition. By the time he was 17 the boy had permanent damage to his eyes, and had also damaged his hearing. Doctors surmised the teen had nutritional optic neuropathy, which is usually found in underdeveloped countries where food is not plentiful, and rarely in the west. The condition is treatable if caught early enough.