Pelosi's Advice to Biden: "Pretend You Have a Cold"

April 3, 2019

© WILLIAM BRETZGER, The News Journal

Nancy Pelosi had some unusual advice for Joe Biden amid allegations of unwanted touching by two women. The Associated Press reports that during a Washington D.C. event on Tuesday, she noted her advice to him would be, "Just pretend you have a cold and I have a cold." She added, "Join the straight-arm club." In other words, he should keep some distance during his handshakes and be less touchy feely. The House Speaker also said Biden "has to understand that the world we are in now, people's space is important to them and what's important is how they receive it, not necessarily how you intended it." When asked by the AP about the allegations against Biden on Monday, Pelosi noted, "I don't think that this disqualifies him from running for president, not at all."