"Parks & Recreation" Quarantine Special Warmed Hearts & Raised Money for Charity

May 1, 2020
Amy Poehler

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The Parks and Recreation special was one part reunion-show and one part fuzzy blanket. CNN reports that the episode started with a cold open from Paul Rudd, in character as Bobby Newport, to explain that the show was raising money for Feeding America. Each of the Parks and Rec crew showed different quarantine personalities. To carry the plot, each character had to call another on their phone tree to check in during quarantine. A gruff Ron Swanson said, "I've been practicing social distancing since I was 4 years old." The ever-sunny Chris Traeger declared the CDC asked him to donate blood because he was so healthy that "my red blood cells are visible with the naked eye; they look like cherry Fruit Loops." In interviews with local Pawnee TV personalities Joan Calamezzo and Perd Hapley, Leslie and Ben emphasized mental health during the pandemic. Jean-Ralphio and other smaller characters also appeared. Ron noticed Leslie missed being with everyone in one place and organized a video call for all of them. "Leslie, don't spend all your time looking after other people," Ron added. "Look after yourself once in a while." In a touching moment, Andy played his Li'l Sebastian tribute song, "5,000 Candles in the Wind," and the entire cast joined in.