Ohio Lawmaker Blames Dayton Massacre on "Drag Queen Advocates"

August 6, 2019

Prathaan iStock / Getty Images Plus

After nine people were shot and killed in Dayton, Ohio, this past weekend, one of the state's lawmakers, Candice Keller, took to Facebook to blame "drag queen advocates," among other people, for the massacre. "After every mass shooting, the liberals start the blame game," wrote Keller in a since-deleted post. "Why not place the blame where it belongs?" In addition to "drag queen advocates," she blamed "homosexual marriage," "professional athletes who hate the flag," "the acceptance of recreational marijuana", "the Dem Congresss," and "snowflakes who can't accept a duty-elected President," among other people. Keller's post was roundly criticized, even within her own party. “Some want to politicize these events, and I cannot condone such comments and behavior,” Butler County Republican Party chairman Todd Hall told The Cincinnati Enquirer.