Ohio Bar Creates Menstrual-Themed Cocktail as Women's Shelter Fundraiser

May 6, 2019

AnnaPustynnikova iStock / Getty Images Plus

This cocktail is disgusting--period. That's what some bar patrons in Lakewood, Ohio, are saying about a new, menstrual-themed drink being served at the craft-cocktail spot Yuzu. The "Even Can't Literally" cocktail is described as a berry margarita with an actual tampon applicator stuck in the top as a garnish. The red berries create a visual effect that, depending on how you look at it, is either "bloody" hilarious or "bloody" awful. While one dollar from every Literally Can't Even sold will be donated to a domestic violence center in Cleveland, some Facebook users still think the drink is a terrible idea. "This is revolting," one critic commented. "I met my boyfriend here and hoped that we could have an anniversary celebration here...I can only hope you get run out of business." By the way, if you don't want a tampon in your cocktail, Yuzu will donate it to the women's shelter as well.