N.Y. Gov. Cuomo Signs Pay Equity Bill Into Law at USWNT's Ticker-Tape Parade

July 11, 2019

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Wednesday's ticker-tape parade in New York City celebrating the U.S. women's national soccer team was the perfect place for Gov. Andrew Cuomo to sign a piece of pay equity legislation into law. The legislation reportedly forbids employers from asking prospective employees about their salary history and prohibits unequal pay based on individuals' gender identity, race or sexual orientation. "The women's soccer team plays the same game that the men's soccer players play--only better. If anything, the men should get paid less," Cuomo also tweeted. "Thank you @USWNT for helping lead this movement for change!" The U.S. women's national team is currently suing the U.S. Soccer Federation for paying them less than the less-successful men's national team, prompting chants of "Equal pay! Equal pay!" during their parade and World Cup finals victory.