Nobody Had More Fun Watching Wimbledon Than Woody Harrelson

July 15, 2019

© Press Association

Former Cheers star Woody Harrelson proved himself to be Wimbledon's #1 cheerleader after he went viral while watching the men's doubles finals on Sunday. "I don't watch tennis. I watch Woody Harrelson watching tennis," one Twitter user joked about the crazy eyes and wagging tongue the actor exhibited during the match. Even better was when the 57-year-old Oscar nominee left his seat and was temporarily barred from returning, causing him to slump with frustration before drowning his sorrows in his glass of wine. In fact, another Twitter user remarked, "Funniest part of this match is announcer keeping track of how many glasses of wine Woody Harrelson has had." The five-hour game was also one for the history books, as Juan Sebastian Cabal and Robert Farah became the first Colombians to win a Grand Slam men's doubles title.