Neighbors Feud Over Pink "Emoji" House in Beach Community

August 8, 2019

CHIARI_VFX iStock / Getty Images Plus

Neighbors in Manhattan Beach, California, are feuding after homeowner Kathryn Kidd painted her house bright pink, and added big yellow emojis. According toThe Los Angeles Times, Kidd's neighbors say the bright paint job is retribution, after someone ratted her out to to the city for using the house for short-term rentals--which is not permitted in the neighborhood. Kidd's detractors say the emojis are mocking: one is the "shut up" emoji, and both depict faces with bold eyelashes, which some believe is a reference to the resident who reported the home for breaking the short-term rental regulations. Kidd has defended the paint job, claiming, "I think it’s cute and quirky and kind of funny." Neighbors disagree, and have repeatedly escalated the dispute at City Council meetings. Neighbor Dina Doll says the city has cited Kidd's First Amendment rights, saying there's not much they can do. “I think the city is afraid of [Kidd> coming after them,” Doll says. Another area homeowner worries that inaction by the city sends a bad message, adding, "If we don’t do something, nothing is going to change and [Kidd> will have won her retaliation for us just following the rules. She was doing something illegal. We told the city about it and now we’re paying for it.”