Nasvhille Mayor David Briley Moves to Ban Rentable Scooters

May 24, 2019

FerrizFrame iStock / Getty Images Plus

Nashville Mayor David Briley has announced plans to ban scooters on the streets of Music City. "I have asked the Department of Law to draft legislation repealing the existing scooter regulations and banning their operation," Briley said in a letter Thursday to the seven companies that currently rent scooters in the city. "Based on what I have witnessed firsthand, the recent influx of scooters in our city is causing us to be less safe and more visually cluttered.” According to The Tennessean, the mayor says riders have violated scooter regulations for too long and the city does not have the resources to address the problems. Bird, Lyft and Lime, three of the major scooter providers in Nashville, responded to Briley's call to action, saying they look forward to working with city leaders to reach a solution. Just last week, 26-year-old Brady Gaulke was killed when a car struck him while he was riding a scooter in downtown Nashville.