This mobile phone company is in hot water over their Super Bowl LIII commercials

February 4, 2019

T-Mobile is facing backlash after running a series of commercials during Super Bowl 53 that many viewers interpreted as sexist. As Business Insider points out, the mobile communications company rolled out five new spots on Super Bowl Sunday--with two causing people to criticize the marketing team. The first featured an unnamed texter who agonized about "Kristi" wanting to get sushi instead of tacos for dinner. In the second, "Cathy" sent a long, emotional text message that required endless scrolling to get through. Here’s what Twitter had to say:

I feel like that casually sexist “Ugh, girlfriends, so annoying, always wanting sushi not TACOS!" ad should have been left in 2006.

Yikes with that sexist / gender stereotype ad, @TMobile. Love being a customer, but do better.

Yikes these #tmobile commercials are sexist as heck.

#TMobile Super Bowl ads are badddddddd. Sexist Af... could of done so much and that’s what they choose?

Thanks for this super sexist commercial, @TMobile . Just what we need right now.

Do these #tmobile commercials seem sexist to anyone else? Not impressed.

Oh hey @TMobile what GREAT sexist super bowl ads. So totally out of touch.

So the T in #TMobile stands for “sexist”?