Missouri School District Asks Parents to Sign Liability Waiver, Says It's Only for Sports

July 15, 2020
Home schooling

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A Missouri school district is requiring parents to sign a waiver releasing the district and its employees from responsibility if their child dies from COVID-19. Raw Story reports that an attorney shared the "waver of liability" from the Hazelwood School District on Tuesday. “I feel sick reading it,” lawyer Natasha Scruggs said. The waiver points out that COVID-19 is a public health crisis and asks parents to give up their right to hold the school district responsible for their child's death--even if it's “caused by the negligence or carelessness” of staffers. In a statement, the school district said the waiver was only for those parents with students in sports or other school activities. “Like all districts, we have a sports waiver that we issue to parents who want their kids to play sports," they said. This year, they claim, "literally every school district will have this language in its sports waivers."