Miley Cyrus Cuts & Dyes Hair in the Style of Hannah Montana

March 29, 2019
Miley Cyrus


It’s the “Best of Both Worlds” for Miley Cyrus. Thirteen years after Hannah Montana series debuted on the Disney Channel, the pop singer debuted a very family hair makeover on Thursday night. ELLE reports that Cyrus teased she was changing up her look by sharing several photos of her hair being foiled throughout the day. The final reveal came when she posted a shot of her long, wavy hair from the back, dyed blonde. “#NoFilter #NoWig ALL ME!” To complete her look, she added bangs. “It was so hard going back and forth I just decided I’ll be Hannah forever,” Cyrus says in a video posted on Twitter. “She was getting a lot of press this week. Thanks to me.” In the original series, Miley rocked her natural brown pair while portraying Miley Stewart and wore a blonde wig while playing Hannah Montana. It's unclear if the new look means Hannah is making an official return to the stage.