Meghan McCain Has a Meltdown on "The View"

May 22, 2019


Meghan McCain became visibly and audibly annoyed with her co-hosts during Tuesday's episode of The View when they were discussing the latest developments related to Donald Trump and the Mueller Report. McCain first became irritated when co-host Joy Behar was discussing former White House Counsel Don McGahn's failure to show up for a congressional subpoena. Behar said that the "unbelievably corrupt" Trump administration and the Republican party "should be thrown into jail, as far as I'm concerned," adding, "Lock em up!" McCain responded that if Behar wanted to throw Republicans in jail for failing to impeach Trump, she should want Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats in jail for failing to do the same thing. Behar said she was just using "hyperbole," but McCain said as the Republican at the table, "It sounds a little aggressive." Eventually, McCain felt dismissed by her co-hosts and said, "I'm not changing your minds this morning." While she stopped speaking for several minutes, she could be heard huffing into her microphone.