Louis Tomlinson Slams “Bulls**t” Report About Why One Direction Split

July 25, 2019
One Direction's Louis Tomlinson's teenage sister has died following a heart attack

Anthony Devlin/Getty Images

Louis Tomlinson slammed The Mirror on Wednesday, after the publication reported that the real reason One Direction split was due to bad partying and smoking habits, and also claimed "that the 'Larry Stylinson' fan fiction depicting" Tomlison and Harry Styles as "lovers had pushed [the two> apart." "Biggest load of bulls**t I've seen in a while," Tomlinson tweeted. "Typical unprovoked venom from The Mirror. Couldn't be further from the truth." As E! News points out, Tomlinson has denounced similar rumors about the breakup on several occasions, including in 2012 when he tweeted that "Larry is the biggest load of bulls**t I've ever heard." He also took to Twitter after HBO's show Euphoria aired a sexually explicit animated scene about the two stars, noting that he "was not contacted nor did I approve it." The Mirror’s salacious article was published on the boy band's nine-year anniversary.