Kim Kardashian Slammed Over SIDS Concerns

May 23, 2019

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Kim Kardashian may now have four kids, but it seems she may not know the first thing about newborn crib safety. After the 38-year-old posted a pic on social media of newborn son Psalm sleeping in a crib full of baby bumpers and blankets, her followers on social media are warning her that all those soft surfaces could be a life-threatening hazard. “This is how NOT to put your baby down to sleep,” one commenter wrote, while another said, "PLEASE consider removing all that bedding and soft base from the crib. A baby should sleep on a firm, flat surface.” A social media user who noted she's an ER doctor even said, "Please please please go pay an overpriced ‘sleep consultant’ to get all that unnecessary padding, bumpers, and blankets out of your child’s crib so they are not at risk for SIDS. I’ve tried and failed to resuscitate too many children that have died this way."