Kim Kardashian Says She's Had an "Awakening" About Dressing Sexy, Shares Life-Changing M&M's Hack

November 26, 2019

Kim Kardashian is ready to tone it down in 2020, telling The Cut that she wants to leave her super-sexy image behind. "I have kind of had this awakening," the 39-year-old says. "I realized I could not even scroll through Instagram in front of my kids without full nudity coming up." She also talked about how she was in the White House one day, and "posting, like, a crazy bikini selfie,” the next. All of this has made her question what it means to be a sex symbol. "I think I’m evolving to where I don’t feel the need to want to keep up,” she says. In more rated-PG news, Kardashian shared an amazing snack hack with her Twitter followers over the weekend for making M&M's even more delicious. "Put them on a plate then in the microwave for 30 seconds," she tweeted. "It will change your life! Melted on the inside and crunch on the outside."