Kim Kardashian Delayed Daughter North's Birth to Get a Manicure, Bikini Wax & a McGriddle

September 20, 2019

Priorities! Kim Kardashian revealed this week that before giving birth to daughter North back in 2013, she insisted on first getting a manicure, a bikini wax and a McGriddle. “I go, ‘I need a McGriddle at McDonald’s,'” Kim said on Thursday's episode of her friend Jonathan Cheban's podcast. She also asked Cheban that day, "Do you mind driving me to get a bikini wax?" Meanwhile, Cheban recalls that Kim was so big she could barely move. "I had to actually, like, squeeze her inside of the car and pull her out to get this wax,” he said. “And then afterwards, we go to get a McGriddle in McDonald’s, and we’re racing so fast." Kim says she insisted on doing more errands even after her doctor called to tell her, "Hey, you have preeclampsia. You have to deliver right now." Kim responded, "No, no, no, I’m having a girl, like, I really need a nice light pink nail for delivery. Are you sure I have to deliver right now, can you give me like two hours?" She said her doctor replied, "Fine, meet me in two hours."