KFC Sells Out of Plant-Based “Chicken” in Atlanta

August 29, 2019

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KFC’s soft launch of meatless, Beyond Fried Chicken on Tuesday sold out in about five hours. A KFC representative tells The New York Times that the restaurant sold as many plant-based boneless wings and nuggets as it would sell of its popular popcorn chicken in an entire week, describing the launch’s success as a “Kentucky Fried Miracle.” The representative adds the company started “talking with various plant-based suppliers this spring” and “decided to launch this very initial, limited test in Atlanta to gauge interest in plant-based options from KFC customers.” The fast food chain now plans to evaluate the results of Tuesday’s test, and review customer feedback, to determine what the next step will be. The company has learned already, however, that their “target customers for this product were flexitarians looking to incorporate plant-based choices into their diets.”