Kevin Hart Was Nearly Injured by Bunny Onstage

April 4, 2019

Kevin Hart had a close call with a real bunny while promoting The Secret Life of Pets 2 this week. Entertainment Tonight reports that Hart was handling a live bunny at an event in Las Vegas when the animal tried to escape. "What I did was save a bunny's life today," Hart jokingly told the outlet after the event. "The bunny was moving around on my chest. The bunny could have jumped off. Anybody else in that situation would have panicked. What I did was I simply handled it correctly. I said, 'Hey bunny, don't move. The people need to see me with you, so you need to calm down." The comedian goes on to say, however, that he did end up with some battle scars. "The bunny actually did a little thing called 'scratch my chest,'" he shared. "My chest is bleeding still. But to the people, it looked like I was calm collected and in control."