Kelly Ripa Throws Shade at Michael Strahan (Again)

June 8, 2016

There's no need for sunscreen on the set of Live!--because Kelly Ripa is providing plenty of shade. On Tuesday's episode, Ripa took her millionth shot at former co-host Michael Strahan during a conversation with guest Joel McHale about her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. "Is it weird to think people are walking on top of you right now?" he asked. Ripa was quick to respond, "No. I've gotten used to that." When the audience grew quiet, she assured them, "It's okay. We can laugh." This is by no means the first time that Ripa has made it clear that she's upset about Strahan leaving the show. Ahead of his May 13 departure, she made a point of bringing up his two divorces live on air, made a joke about contract negotiations and wore a jacket that read "Freedom" on the back.