Kanye West Files FEC Paperwork & Could Be on the Ballot in Oklahoma Even After Reportedly Ending His Campaign

July 16, 2020

TMZ reports that just one day after everyone thought his presidential campaign was over, Kanye West filed FEC paperwork to get on the ballot in the state of Oklahoma. On Wednesday, West filed the first form required by the FEC to run for president, the "Statement of Organization," which states that the Kanye 2020 committee is the "Principal Campaign Committee" for his candidacy. However, West has yet to file the required Form 2, called a "Statement of Candidacy." That form shows he has either spent or raised over $5,000 on campaign activities and, once filed, would trigger official candidacy status. The Oklahoma state election board tweeted that West had qualified for the ballot there, just making the deadline. On Tuesday, several outlets reported that West had opted out of running at all. Consultant Steve Kramer said he'd put a team together, and they were disappointed West was no longer running. And now, everyone waits.