Justin Bieber's Response to Taylor Swift's Angry Post

July 1, 2019
Justin Bieber attends a practice round prior to the 2017 PGA Championship

Photo by Stuart Franklin/Getty Images

Justin Bieber responded to Taylor Swift's angry Tumblr post about Scooter Braun. He actually apologized and took the blame for the, quote, "hurtful Instagram post" that she referred to in the post. Then he said, quote, "Scooter has had your back since the days you graciously let me open up for you! For you to take it to social media and get people to hate on scooter isn't fair." He also suggested she was trying to get sympathy and motivate her fans to bully Scooter. He finished off saying, quote, "I'm sure Scooter and I would love to talk to you and resolve any conflict, pain or any feelings that need to be addressed. Neither Scooter or I have anything negative to say about you we truly want the best for you. "I usually don't rebuttal things like this but when you try and deface someone I love's character that's crossing a line." (And yes, he said "rebuttal".) Justin's wife Hailey commented on his post, saying, quote, "Gentleman".  And for some reason that triggered model (slash) actress Cara Delevingne. She said, quote, "As a married man, you should be lifting women up instead of tearing them down because you are threatened. I am not sure you actually understand what an apology is."