Justin Bieber Is Making His Own Deodorant for Schmidt's

May 22, 2019
Justin Bieber on golf course

Stuart Franklin, Getty Images

Justin Bieber announced a new partnership with natural deodorant brand Schmidt’s on Tuesday. “Ready for Here + Now… new collab coming this Fall with @schmidtsnaturals,” he captioned a shirtless photo of himself on Instagram. According to People, Bieber’s Here + Now deodorant will launch this fall and will be made vegan, cruelty-free and with all plant-based ingredients, in keeping with the brand’s mission. The singer also helped design the label artwork and formulated the scent. “It’s more than just a deodorant; it’s a lifestyle and a connection to those around you,” the brand’s CEO and co-founder Michael Cammarata says. “It’s about the small, but intentional choices we make every day that help us to lead happier and healthier lives, mentally and physically.”