Justin Bieber & Ed Sheeran Release Goofy "I Don't Care" Music Video

May 17, 2019
Ed Sheeran x Justin Bieber - "I Don't Care"

Phil Walter / Staff, Getty Images / Handout

Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran embrace their goofball tendencies in the official video for their collaborative song "I Don't Care." More specifically, the pair make liberal use of a green screen in order to beam themselves into various situations (e.g., poolside, at a boring formal party, hobnobbing with wild animals) and sport various costumes; notably, Sheeran wears a panda suit and Bieber dresses as an ear of corn. To round out the trippy vibe, the "I Don't Care" video also features plenty of low-key computer animation. Sheeran and Bieber released the single last week.