Jennifer Aniston's Strikingly Dark Skin on Magazine Cover Shocks & Offends Some Readers

September 5, 2019



Jennifer Aniston is Caucasian. But on one of InStyle's new covers, her skin's been darkened to "look like a whole entire black woman," writes the website Bossip. Several Twitter users seem to agree. Below is a collection of some of the more poignant reactions to the "Dolezal-ing" of the Morning Show star:

  1. Let me turn the brightness setting on my phone up.
  2. Wait, Jennifer Aniston is black?
  3. When did Jennifer Aniston have a race change?
  4. Why does InStyle have Jennifer Aniston looking more like Jennifer Lopez?
  5. This photo editor should be fired.
  6. Beautiful cover, but why is she 10 shades darker than she really is?