How to Keep Your Workspace Clean in the Time of Coronavirus

March 12, 2020

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You may spend a lot of your time at work, but you probably haven't ever deep-cleaned your workspace. With the coronavirus on everyone's minds, CNN has compiled the following workspace-sanitizing tips from The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Occupational Safety & Health Administration.

Wipe down your phone, keyboard, computer mouse and all surfaces you use often. The surface must remain wet--whatever disinfectant you're using--for three to five minutes to effectively work.

Wash hands often. Ensure you're using the right method to fully cleanse your hands.

Use hand sanitizer when you can't use soap.

Avoid handshakes. Thumbs up gestures and waves will do just fine.

Wash your phone. You can use a soapy, damp microfiber cloth on iPhones and Android phones; Apple says wipes are fine as well.