How Much Does It Cost to Go on a Date in Your State?

August 30, 2019

Dating can often be demoralizing and tiring. However, judging by a map making the rounds on Twitter, dating in many states can also be very expensive. According to stats from, the average price of a night out in New York is $297.27, while in New Jersey it's $259.60 and in California $226.35. On the more affordable side of things, a date in South Dakota, on average, is $38.27, while in North Dakota it's $42.43 and in Nebraska $48.91. People were torn on whether the averages were accurate. Some pointed out that with babysitters and pricey drinks, the costs felt about right, while others noted that there were too many variables involved (for example, whether it was a first date or one that involves dinner and a movie) to make the data correct for everyone.