Here's Why You Have A Low Sex Drive During Quarantine

May 8, 2020

trumzz iStock / Getty Images Plus


If you have been struggling to find your sex drive during the pandemic, experts want you to know that is totally normal, Elite Daily reports. Major events like the pandemic can affect your mental health, which in turn, has a lot to do with your libido. The combination of negative emotions, from fear of catching the virus to the economic stress, to worrying about loved ones, are things everyone is feeling to some degree right now. Dr. Joshua Klapow says this existential stress can not only hurt your sex drive, but can impact your appetite, quality of sleep, and exercise. “Beyond these, more significant conditions like the onset of depression or worsening of depressive episodes, the onset of an anxiety disorder or worsening of an existing condition, can also drive sexual desire down,” he explains. Studies have tied depression to a lower sex drive, and anxiety as well. The bottom line is, how you’re feeling directly impacts your sex drive.