"Fuller House" Creator Fired for Boasting About Orgies, Wanting Female Staff to Wear Bikinis & Get Hysterectomies

June 13, 2019

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Fuller House creator Jeff Franklin engaging in sexually inappropriate behavior at work? As Uncle Joey would say, cut it out! After Franklin was fired off the Netflix sitcom last year, The Hollywood Reporter has now published details into the misconduct--reported to Warner Bros. by eight female staffers--that led to his ouster. "One woman said Franklin would talk about orgies he had over the weekend. Another woman, supported by a third, claimed that Franklin had his assistant request that all the writers come to his mansion and they were reminded multiple times to bring their bikinis," THR reports. Franklin is also alleged to have made comments like, "I wish I could make all the women on my staff get hysterectomies," and, "She's one nose job away from a good f**k." But wait, there's more! Franklin--who also created the original Full House--"was also said to have complained about having to hire directors who were women or people of color, expressing preference for male writers, apologizing to his staff for not dating Jewish women, describing female directors as 'all the same,' and making sexualized comments."