Florida Teen Barred From Homecoming Dance for Wearing Jumpsuit Instead of Dress

October 7, 2019

Gail Prunier iStock / Getty Images Plus


A Florida teenager was denied entry into a homecoming dance last month because she had on a jumpsuit instead of a dress. "I was very surprised and confused," Darcy Krueger tells TODAY about her experience at the Tampa Bay Homeschool dance on September 27, which was held for local homeschooled students. "The moment she saw my legs move, she immediately denied me entrance. It felt very dismissive and inconsiderate." Says event planner Stephanie Voth, who barred Krueger from entering, "My role is to decorate, enforce and execute the event. The dress code issue was a pantsuit does not qualify as a dress." She added, "The dress code is submitted and approved by the parents of our community group." After Krueger's mom complained about the incident on Facebook, a local photographer offered to give Darcy a professional photo shoot in her jumpsuit, free of charge. Adds Darcy, "Every time I look at these pictures, I am reminded that you can rise above disappointing circumstances and own them, instead of them owning you."