Florida Man Sets Himself in Concrete to Protest Coronavirus Prison Conditions

April 20, 2020

iStock / Getty Images Plus


On Friday in Tallahassee, Florida a  man encased himself in concrete to protest Florida prison conditions amid the coronavirus outbreak, according to the Seattle Times. Jordan Mazurek, 28, put two PVC pipes horizontally into two 55-gallon drums containing concrete and locked his arms into the setup. One drum read, "Free prisoners now" and the other said, "stop the massacre." Mazurek, a sociologist, is the co-founder of a group called “Campaign to Fight Toxic Prisons.” The group said in a statement that Governor Ron DeSantis had been warned of the public health crisis that could happen in prisons because of the coronavirus. “Today’s demonstration happened after other avenues were exhausted, and after infection rates have been climbing daily in Florida’s prisons," said the statement. The police ended up using jackhammers and similar equipment to free Mazurek. He will be charged with restricting or obstructing access without violence; he was also given a ticket for blocking a roadway. Governor DeSantis was not in town on Friday, but his wife was seen pushing children in a swing while Mazurek was extracted.