Florida Man Parks Car, Takes Off Shirt, Poops in Stranger's Driveway, Backs Over Turd

June 26, 2019

Ingo Dörenberg iStock / Getty Images Plus

Wilton Thomas got home from work on Saturday in Broward County, Florida, and "discovered a shirt and a smooshed turd in his driveway," reports CBS Miami. He then took a look at footage from his Ring surveillance camera, which revealed that some dude parked his Kia Soul in Thomas' driveway, took off his shirt and left "a load on the pavement" before backing over it. Thomas cleaned up the doo-doo the next morning; the culprit used his shirt to wipe his bottom, so he left it behind. Local 10 reports that Thomas said he understands that people have bowel emergencies sometimes, and just wants an apology. He also wishes the man would have dropped his deuce by a nearby coconut tree instead of in his driveway.