Feeling Stressed These Days?

March 26, 2020

    Who is stressed these days? That’s a silly question. Just about every routine day, brings a bit of stress. But right now is anything, but routine! So how do we deal with it? 

    Here are some simple suggestions:

    1. Listen to music. Download the RADIO.com app and be sure to favorite your station.
    2. Exercise. Go for a walk with the dog. Do Yoga, Tai Chi, aerobics. Dance to your favorite kind of music.
    3. Smell a soothing scent… Candles, oils. Try lavender, rosemary or even a springtime scent.
    4. Take a hot bath. The soothing effect of a hot bath can increase blood flow and ease pain. Don’t forget the rubber ducky.
    5. Massage. Who doesn’t love a good massage?
    6. Drink a cup of herbal tea. Chamomile and passion fruit are natural relaxants.
    7. Get a good night’s sleep.  Strive for 8 hours, then write down your dreams.
    8. Improve your diet. Put down the junk food, and choose healthy snacks instead.
    9. Organize-- your home, your finances, your life.
    10. Have a bubble blowing contest.
    11. Scream “rubber baby buggy bumpers” really loud.
    12. Eat chocolate.
    13. Plant some flowers.
    14. Reconnect with a family member or friend.  Pick up the phone or send them a text—you’ll be glad that you did!