Fauci Is Hopeful for Vaccine Later This Year; Less Than 50 Percent Need It for Herd Immu

June 24, 2020
Dr. Fauci

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On Tuesday, Dr. Anthony Fauci said a vaccine for the coronavirus could be ready later this year, according to the AP. In remarks to Congress, he also noted a "disturbing surge" in COVID-19 cases recently and urged people to avoid crowds and wear masks. Opening up has “to be a gradual step-by-step process and not throwing caution to the wind,” he added. Meanwhile, a new study suggests that only 43 percent of the population would need to be vaccined in order to achieve herd immunity for the coronavirus. Herd immunity would mean that even those who don't get the vaccine would have indirect protection against the virus. However, experts caution that prevention needs to be more important than getting herd immunity. "Herd immunity does not necessarily stop the spread of infection, particularly to people with weakened immune systems," said one public health specialist.