Facebook to Allow Users to See, Control Personal Data Taken From Other Websites

August 21, 2019

Facebook announced Tuesday it will give users more control over the the data it tracks of their browsing habits on other websites and apps, what it calls "Off-Facebook Activity.” According to Reuters, the social media giant will introduce the new controls in Ireland, South Korea and Spain before rolling it out globally. The company is in the crosshairs of lawmakers and regulators over their privacy policies, and just paid a record $5 billion privacy settlement to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The move is seen as potentially impactful to the company's bottom line, as it could make targeting less effective for advertisers. “The question remains as to how many consumers will actually bother to use this functionality, especially given it will require navigating into the app’s Settings area,” analyst James Cordwell says. “I think the impact from this new functionality will also be manageable for the business.”