E-Cigarettes Change Blood Vessels After Single Use

August 21, 2019

LucaLorenzelli iStock / Getty Images Plus


A new study has revealed changes in cardiovascular function after just one use of vaping e-liquids. CNN reports that the study, published in the journal Radiology on Tuesday, found that vaping temporarily impacts blood vessel function in healthy people. Using MRI scans, it found changes in blood flow within the femoral artery in the leg after a single use. The researchers, however, couldn't determine which chemical might be responsible for the changes they observed. "After a few minutes, everything normalizes. One could say, big deal, nothing happens," says study author Felix W. Wehrli, professor of radiologic science and biophysics at the University of Pennsylvania's Perelman School of Medicine. He adds there's a possibility that, over time, things might not go back to normal as quickly. The study is the latest to measure the impact of e-cigarettes on the heart, blood vessels, lungs and brain.