DC Fans Launch Petitions Against Robert Pattinson Being Cast as Batman

May 20, 2019

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Robert Pattinson, sparkly vampire of old, might get a shot at being The Dark Knight--but fans aren't pleased. UPROXX reports that at least four separate petitions have cropped up on Change.org, asking Warner Bros. films not to cast Pattinson as Batman in Matt Reeves' The Batman, presumably due to his past work in the teen film Twilight. While Pattinson has been able to pursue more serious work due to tween role, one petitioner called it "a complete joke!" that he was being considered. Fan reaction to the Batman casting news has always been precarious; most of the men cast in the lead role have had fans scratching their heads based on prior work. Nicholas Hoult, known to X-Men film fans as The Beast, is also being considered for the part. The Batman, is due to release on June 25, 2021.