Coronavirus Can Travel Almost 15 Feet in Certain Conditions, Says Study

March 23, 2020

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A new study released Friday says that the novel coronavirus can travel almost 15 feet in certain conditions, according to The New York Post. Health officials have been recommending distances of three to six feet, but this study would suggest that in certain conditions, such as closed spaces with air conditioning, the virus can travel farther. Researchers reference a case where a bus passenger infected 13 people; some were about 15 feet away from him. The passengers next to him were not infected. One passenger got the virus 30 minutes after the infected man and the newly-infected others left the bus. Researchers also found that the virus can remain in bodily fluids and feces for more than five days. In addition, they noted it can last two to three days on paper, fabric, metal, plastic or glass. “When riding on more closed public transportation such as subways, cars, planes, etc, you should wear a mask all the time, and at the same time, minimize the contact between your hands and public areas, and avoid touching your face before cleaning,” say researchers.