Contaminant Found in Marijuana Vaping Products Linked to Deadly Lung Illnesses

September 6, 2019



Health officials investigating a number of lung illnesses linked to vaping have discovered a common chemical found in products used by those afflicted, the Washington Post reports. The officials speculate that this chemical, which is derived from vitamin E, may be a contaminant linked to the rash of respiratory illnesses that have cropped up across the country. Investigators have found the vitamin E acetate in almost all cannabis oil products tested, and in some nicotine products as well. As of August 27, there were 215 reported cases across 25 states, and two men in Illinois and Oregon died in August, and both had been vaping cannabis oil. The FDA has been looking at the role of contaminants or counterfeit substances in vaping products, and said the vitamin E acetate is their real first substantial lead, although they also caution they are a long way from knowing for certain that the substance is behind the outbreak. The New York state lab found “very high levels of vitamin E acetate in nearly all” of the cannabis vape products submitted by parents for testing.