Colorado Cops Are Looking for Man Involved In Little League Brawl

June 20, 2019

alancrosthwaite iStock / Getty Images Plus

Police in Lakewood, Colorado, are asking the public for help identify a man who was involved in an ugly brawl at a youth baseball game last weekend. A police spokesman tells ESPN that the brawl erupted between parents after some disagreed with calls made by a 13-year-old umpire. Punches were thrown amid a chaotic melee on the diamond, and a video of the ugly incident is circulating online. Police said there were reports of injuries from the brawl, and one was described as serious. Several citations for disorderly conduit were issued, but police were unable to identify one man, seen in the video wearing a white shirt and teal shorts, who is accused of sucker punching another man. Police have said that man will likely face assault charges.