Chris Evans Rips Boston's Straight Pride Parade; Event Found to Have Far-Right Roots

June 6, 2019
Actor Chris Evans attends the press conference of the movie "Captain America 3: Civil War"

© Xinhua

Chris Evans had some choice words for the men attempting to organize a "Straight Pride" parade in Boston. “Wow! Cool initiative, fellas!!" he tweeted, while linking Washington Post coverage of the proposed event. "Just a thought, instead of ‘Straight Pride’ parade, how about this: The ‘desperately trying to bury our own gay thoughts by being homophobic because no one taught us how to access our emotions as children’ parade? Whatta ya think? Too on the nose??” If that wasn't enough, Captain America also addressed naysayers rather neatly. “Wow, the number gay/straight pride parade false equivalencies are disappointing," he added in a separate tweet, and shared a post that detailed why a "Straight Pride" parade is misnamed. "Instead of going immediately to anger (which is actually just fear of what you don’t understand) take a moment to search for empathy and growth,” Evans added.