Chill Bear Breaks Into Montana Home, Takes Nap on Shelf

June 24, 2019

Betty4240 iStock / Getty Images Plus

Missoula County Sheriff deputies were called to a home last week after receiving a call from a local family who said a black bear had broken into their home. When deputies arrived they expected to find a bear going through the garbage or scavenging food, but instead they found the animal fast asleep on the top shelf of a closet. Wildlife specialist Jamie Jonkel tells the Missoulian the bear found the home's door "slightly ajar," and then accidentally locked itself inside. Resigned, the bear found a comfy spot and took a nap. Deputies were unable to coax the bear outside. “He would look at us and yawn,” one recalls. “Never did anything aggressive toward us.” Eventually, Fish, Wildlife and Parks arrived to tranquilize the bear and relocate it to another part of a nearby forest.