Channing Tatum Has Specific Demands in Custody Battle With Jenna Dewan

November 27, 2019



TMZ is reporting that Channing Tatum is being very specific about his desires for his child custody agreement with Jenna Dewan. Tatum has filed documents requesting that a family court judge lay out a holiday schedule for the exes, who recently had their divorce finalized. He also wants a co-parenting counselor to help he and Dewan avoid conflict during schedule-related matters. He's asking that he be able to take their daughter Everly out of school for a maximum of five days each year; he says that he and Dewan have a career "that offers us unique and once in a lifetime opportunities. I would like to share these experiences with Everly." Tatum is also asking that a judge prevent him or Dewan from using their six-year-old in any for-profit enterprise without permission from the other parent.