Central Park Woman Who Called Cops on Black Man Apologizes, Gets Fired, Says "Life Is Being Destroyed"

May 27, 2020
dog on leash

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On Monday in Central Park, a black man named Christian Cooper asked a white woman named Amy Cooper (no relation) to leash her dog in the Ramble. She responded by calling the cops on Christian, telling him, "I’m going to tell them there’s an African-American man threatening my life.” Video of the encounter sparked outrage on social media, and not only resulted in Amy Cooper being fired by her employer, the investment firm Franklin Templeton, but also in the surrender of her dog, a cocker spaniel named Henry, to the rescue shelter she adopted him from several years ago. On Tuesday, she told CNN she wanted to "publicly apologize to everyone." She added, “I think I was just scared. When you’re alone in the Ramble, you don’t know what’s happening. It’s not excusable; it’s not defensible.” She added that her "entire life is being destroyed right now," while Christian Cooper said he'd accept Amy's apology "if it's genuine, and if she plans on keeping her dog on a leash in the Ramble going forward."