Canadian Court Rules Cheating Hubby Can't Make Mistress Repay Him for Gifted Ring After Wife Discovered Affair

October 15, 2019

Deagreez iStock / Getty Images Plus


A judge in Canada has ruled that a married man who gave his mistress $1,000 for a diamond ring has no right to take the bling back just because his wife found out about the affair. The jilted wife wrote a letter to her husband's paramour earlier this year demanding she return the ring--and fork over $5,000 because her husband apparently fixed his mistress' car for 10 years. The other woman initially sent a check for $800, "but then was so incensed by the other woman's behavior and her demand to be compensated for the car repairs that she put a stop-payment order on the money," CBC News reports. The judge declared that the money the man gave his mistress to buy the ring was clearly a gift and not a loan, while there was no evidence to support the wife's claim that her husband deserved repayment for all those car repairs.