Camila Cabello "Lost Sleep" Over Whether to Collaborate With Shawn Mendes on "Senorita"

August 29, 2019

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Camila Cabello admits in a new Vogue video that she almost decided against recording her hit duet "Senorita" with now-boyfriend Shawn Mendes. "It must have been last summer where he sent me the idea for the song, and he was like, ‘Do you want to do this with me?'” Cabello recalls in the clip, which offers a behind-the-scenes look at her preparations for Monday's MTV Video Music Awards, where the couple also performed their sexy collaboration. “I thought it was super cool and it was a few months of back and forth, but I literally lost sleep over it because I was like, ‘My God, I think I do want to do it--maybe I don’t.'” She added “There came a point where we were like, ‘Let’s just go in the studio and sing it and see how we feel. If it feels right, we do it and if we don’t, no pressure, it’s all good.'"