Bride-to-Be Catches Groom Sexually Assaulting Bridesmaid, Marries Him Anyway

October 8, 2019

A 28-year-old newlywed from Pennsylvania was charged with felony sexual assault last week for allegedly biting and groping one of his wife's drunk bridesmaids two days before their September 1 wedding. According to The Washington Post, Daniel Carney's bride-to-be was the one who caught him assaulting her bridesmaid in a men's locker room after the wedding party went on a group float trip--but she went ahead and married him anyway. After the assault, but before the wedding, Carney texted the bridesmaid, “Can we please just be as happy as possible for [the bride> today? Mistakes are behind us and I just need total closure before I do this...We never did do it, but would you consider taking Plan B to make damn certain just in case? There is almost no chance but still. Please tell me yes; I’m begging you." The day after the wedding, the bridesmaid reported her assault at a hospital. Carney later told authorities she was the one who had "taken advantage” of him, but security footage shows him "pulling the victim into the locker room," according to a state trooper's report. Police also intercepted a phone call in which Carney "repeatedly told [the bridesmaid> he was sorry, specifically repeating that it was all his fault.”