Brave Single Mom Chases Down Flasher, Pins Him to the Ground

July 26, 2019

iStock / Getty Images Plus

A female jogger was running in a park near a busy Cambridge, Massachusetts, street Thursday morning when a man in his forties with a heavier build exposed himself to her. Video surveillance cameras show the former member of the Israeli military turn and chase after the flasher. "It was not his lucky day because I decided it was not going to happen, and I decided to chase him down," she tells local station WCVB. The woman caught him and pinned him to the ground, while yelling for assistance from others at the park. Unfortunately, nobody stopped to help, and when she tried to use her phone to contact police, the man was able to escape. "When I was pinning him down, he was terrified, he was really, really scared," she recalls, noting that she did not want the flasher to victimize another woman. "If I don’t chase him, he’s gonna scare some girl and get her all the way down." While police say they can't condone her tactics, one officer was impressed, saying, "Good for her, she put the fear of God in the guy."